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Here are some tips to help you prepare for your session:




  • If applying your own makeup, you want to look natural.
  • Choose a foundation that matches your skin. Do not go darker or lighter. This can give you an "artificial" look. Blend well.
  • Use a setting powder. 
  • Lip shade should be a notch darker than what looks best in person. Lipgloss will make your lips appear fuller.
  • Wax your eyebrows a couple of days in advance to avoid swelling and redness. Trying to reshape the brows through retouching process is possible, but costs more time and money than getting them waxed in real life. 
  • Fill in your brows, especially if you are not going for a retouching option. Make sure your brows are clear and dark enough when viewed in soft natural window light.
  • Mascara is best in a darker color works best. So, black is usually the best choice, even if you usually use brown.
  •  Eye makeup should be natural. You can wear false lashes work well. In photographs, the lashes do not look as long and drastic as you see in the mirror.
  • Blush should also be a notch darker than what looks best in person. However, please make sure to make a few well-diffused applications in small quantities. The first time should be applied and spread in a wide circle, and the second and third in progressively smaller areas. This is to make sure that the edges of the blush are gradual and not abrupt. You can always add more, but once you apply too, it is tough to blur the edge or remove some.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a lot more powder than usual. A lot of setting or finishing powder is routinely used in fashion and beauty photography to reduce shimmer and make the skin look matte. You will see a professional makeup artist will keep applying powder every 10–20 minutes of the shoot to prevent shiny skin. You should bring yours and apply extra powder regularly. 
  • The best way to control oily skin is a blotter sheet. 
  • A more traditional recommendation is colorless translucent powder, such as L’Oreal Bare Naturale mattifying mineral finish powder, which works well for light skin, but not on darker skin. 

Hair ( Men also)

  • You may want to use hair spray, gel, and other products to tame frizz and make your hair look healthy. Make sure to avoid products that give a matte look. These are fine for some situations, but not for a photo shoot. Matte finished hair will look dull and lifeless in pictures. Instead, use hair products that enhance shine. Hair shine sprays of various kinds are available for women (Biosilk spray is a favorite of ours).


  • When you come in for your consultation, you have access to over 25 gowns choose from & try on. We also have many beautiful headbands, head pieces and jewelry to choose from.
  • Significant others, children, will wear something to compliment your gowns and we will discuss that during your consultation.
  • We suggest avoiding busy patterns. If you want to have a pattern, use a simple design.
  • Solid colors photograph much better than patterns.
  • If you like deeper tones, keep with deeper tones. Do not have someone in light tones and someone in dark tones.
  • Choose clothes that are well fitting, shirts with sleeves and nothing that needs a lot of attention or fussing to lay properly, so we can focus on having fun and getting great portraits, rather than fighting with an outfit.
  • Definitely try all clothing on before the session to ensure a proper fit!


  • Studio: This is always a good option. We have a large assortment of sets, backdrops, & props available. It is a "controlled" environment. With young children, outdoor sessions can be challenging. The distractions are plentiful, wind, dirt, grass, sand leaves, sunlight, other people.(You get the idea.) Also, the children, if at that age, usually are running. Then, the parents are soon worn out, sweaty, & irritated. 
  • Beaches: Yes, they are stunning in south Florida. ALL of  our beach sessions, without exception, are done either just before & during, sunrise, or just before & during sunset. Please keep in mind that for little ones, these may not be ideal times. But, if you have your heart set on this, please have your little on to bed early for sunrise, or a nap later in the day for sunset. Please take into consideration that it may be extremely hot and you may sweat a lot. We remove basic shine, but sweat on shirts, hair, face, is extra to take out. Also, beach sessions require permitting and may be additional fees.
  • Parks: There are so many beautiful parks in Florida. Plus, most of the time there is open shade and can be photographed most of the day except the heat of the summer. The parks also require permitting that may be extra.

 If you have questions any more questions, please feel free to contact us. 561.792.1232 







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